2019 Perry Mountain Tower Run
AMA Dual Sport and Adventure Rally

General Info: 
- Dual Sport GPS files will be available at sign-up. Adventure route is guided and will not have a GPS route.
- Camping is welcomed. No hookups, but you are welcome to bring your camper/rv/tent and spend the weekend with us.
- We have a nice bath house available to you on site with showers. Please help us keep it clean.
- Local gas station “The Barking Frog” (6 miles up hwy 22 towards Maplesville) has food and no ethanol 90 octane gasoline. 
- Hotels and restaurants can be found in surrounding cities Selma, Clanton and Prattville.

Campground gate will be opened after noon for those that wish to come early and camp.
No riding allowed until Saturday.

Signup/registration at the clubhouse from 2PM -7PM 

- Signup/registration at the clubhouse from 6AM-8AM.
- Mandatory riders meeting for all participants at clubhouse at 8AM. 

Dual sport Info:
- The morning trailhead will open immediately following the rider meeting until 10am.
- The morning section will be approximately 55 miles and will bring you back to the campground where we will have lunch     provided for you at the club house.
- The afternoon trailhead will open immediately following lunch until 2pm.
- The afternoon section will be approximately 50 miles, and will lead you back to the campground to end the day.

Adventure Info:
- The adventure route will be guided by PMMC members.
- Adventure riders will meet at the clubhouse immediately following the riders meeting and will leave at 9am
- The morning adventure route will be approximately 75 miles and will lead you back to the campground where we will
 have lunch provided for you at the club house.
- Adventure riders will meet back at the clubhouse to start the afternoon section at 1PM
- The afternoon route will be approximately 70 miles and will lead back to the campground at the end of the day. 

Bike Games:
-In the campground once everybody returns from riding, approximately 5pm.
-Fun events such as a Slow race, Slalom Race, Tire Toss, etc.
-Trophies and prizes for event winners!

- Signup/registration (for those not there on Saturday) from 7AM-8AM. 
- Schedule of events will be the same on Sunday as they were on Saturday for both dual sport and adventure riders, excluding the provided lunch. Riders will be responsible for their own lunches on Sunday. 

We appreciate you joining us, and hope you have a great time!