About ​​PMMC

PMMC was formed by a group of guys back in the 40's, 50's, and 60's who enjoyed motorcycles. There were no dirt bikes then, only Harley's, BSA & other road bikes, that were modified to ride in the woods! 

The late Millard Reynolds, and others from Maplesville, Plantersville, Stanton and the surrounding areas had motorcycles and began entering events that were held nearby in Montgomery, Selma and Marion, to name a few.

Mr. Reynolds brought back ideas from these events and helped promote the first event of this type in the Maplesville area. 

The name of our club was derived from the Perry Mountain fire tower that was located a few miles away in the Talladega National Forest. Many of our first enduros were always routed up the famous "Tower Hill". If you could climb "Tower Hill"    you could usually count on finishing OK in the awards ceremony at the end of the event. 

From these beginnings, PMMC, as we know it today was formed. 

PMMC became an AMA chartered club in 1970, and is one of the oldest chartered clubs in the South. The club sponsors events sanctioned by the AMA, SERA (Southern Enduro Riders Association), SE&TRA (Southeastern Enduro and Trailriders Association) and NEPG (National Enduro Promotions Group), as well as local events. 

PMMC has sponsored national enduros, national haresrambles, many ISDT (ISDE now) qualifiers plus numerous hillclimbs, dual sport events, flattrack events, motocross, field events, as well as unique events, such as motorcycle rodeo's, night haresrambles, team harescrambles, fun runs and etc. 



Built by a very talented group of our own club members, our newly constructed bathouse features multiple stalls and a shower for both men and women.​​

NOTE: We take pride in making sure our facilities are clean and operational for our guest. Please treat our facilities with respect and avoid vandalizing or desecrating them in anyway. Washing riding gear in our showers is also strictly prohibited as it clogs the drains. If you have an issue with the condition of the bathhouse please let a club member know and we will do our best to accomodate you.


Our clubhouse is the HQ of our race day operations. From sign-up to results everything runs through the clubhouse.

Play Ground:

Here at PMMC we are dedicated to ensuring a fun experience for the WHOLE family including the little ones! Our fenced in playground area will keep the kids entertained while mom and dad are racing.

**Use at your own discretion***